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Please check back for 2018 event listings and announcements throughout the winter months.

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 ​12-14-18: DJ Car-Guy has recently found out that a rumor has been spreading that he will not be doing car shows or cruises in 2019. This is definitely not true. DJ Car-Guy, Rich George, is committed to providing quality service and honesty. As you know, Rich is not interested in petty gossip and rumors. It seems that someone has even gone to the degree of calling some of his clients and telling them that he Rich is retiring and not hosting shows or cruises. The real truth is that Rich plans to expand DJ Car-Guy Productions and to do this he will form a team of quality DJ's to work some shows and cruises.  Rich will still continue to be the DJ and Host at most shows and cruises. The other DJ's will allow us to provide rain dates for our clients, operate cruise nights in other states on the same day, provide DJ's for parties, weddings, reunions, sweet 16's, corporate events and more, etc. For the record, Rich George does not believe in retirement. However, he does believe in back-up and more management alternatives with a DJ Team. 


Expect more shows in 2019. we have 25 DJ Car-Guy shows confirmed for 2019. This number is growing daily. There will be DJ Car-Guy cruises scheduled for most nights. we have five weekly cruise nights confirmed thus far. Details of these will be posted on the calendar page. Please check back.


New DJ Car-Guy Brochure: Please Share with anyone who may be interested in a show or cruise in 2019. Thanks.